Envisage Office


Envisage Office

This is the envisage hub. The place where we do all our administration and where our team is on hand to answer the phone to all your questions. It also happens to be in one of the North's great sporting arenas. We have full access to a range of facilities that can support you on your journey.

The space allows us to offer face-to-face support for learners. So if you're struggling with anything then please arrange to meet your course tutor at our offices, where they will be happy to run through things with you.

Dave, Adam, and Laura are based here day to day. Our working pattern is inconsistent though so if there's no one in when you call us, please send us an email to info@envisagetraining.co.uk


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English Institute of Sport (EIS) Sheffield
Coleridge Road
S9 5DA

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