Nutrition - Level 4 - Level 4 Certificate


Nutrition - Level 4

We have accredited 1000s of exercise professionals over the years, on completion our learners are asked for feedback, and without doubt nutrition is the area of interest in which learners want to gain further knowledge and skills. 

Our level 4 nutrition course aims at providing learners with the knowledge and skills to apply reliable, evidence-based nutrition science and healthy eating guidelines. 

The qualifications full title is YMCA Awards Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Nutrition for Health, Weight Management, and Sports Performance. So, in terms of content, it's shared across the three areas named in the title; health, weight management, and sports nutrition.

The course is unique among our courses in that it is delivered part online and part in-person. Due to our main tutor living across the water in Ireland, he delivers some of the content live online.

Next Course Dates

  • Sheffield - Start Date: 7th Jul 2024
  • Sheffield - Start Date: 12th Oct 2024

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Cost: £809.00

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Course Summary

The full course title is YMCA Awards Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Nutrition for Health, Weight Management, and Sports Performance, here's a summary of the course details:

  • 6 Days taught course
    • 2 days live online and 4 days live in-person
  • Live online sessions run from 10am-3pm
  • Each in-person day runs 9am-5pm
  • The range of assessments include
    • Practical observations
    • Production of written resources
    • Written worksheets
    • Case studies
  • Online open book Q+A
  • Cost £809.00
  • 19+ Advanced Learner Loans Available, payment plans can be arranged.

Course Benefits - Why should I do this course?

As with all our qualifications, there needs to be a reason to do it, a benefit to you as an exercise professional. This course will:

  • Increase and improve knowledge base about a range of nutrition's key areas.
  • You'll be able to offer advice to athletes about nutrition for sports performance
  • A more varied approach to your coaching practice
  • Reduce misinformation to clients through increased clarity of nutrition protocols and support mechanisms.
  • Improve fitness and anthropometric testing skillset (weighing, skinfold calipers, sweat rate testing all included)
  • AfN (Association for Nutrition) accredited qualification, which means you can practice AfN-accredited nutritional support adhering to the AfN code of conduct. 

Note: These qualifications do not enable learners to provide prescribed, individualised, or bespoke diets, or nutritional advice for individuals who have medical conditions or for elite/professional athletes. These individuals should be referred to a suitably qualified medical or nutrition professional (ANutr, RNutr, RD).

Nutritional support is key to people's health, weight management, and sports performance-based goals. This course will improve how you can help people achieve their goals.

How You're Taught

This course is delivered both online and in person both types of delivery methods have one of our tutors delivering the content live.

The online course days are delivered via an online platform such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, we provide all the necessary links. You will need to have a relevant device such as a smartphone, laptop or PC and access to the internet to take part in the online days. You will be online from 10am until 3pm with time given for lunch. The sessions will be live and in a group format, so you'll have a live tutor delivering content and available to answer questions.

Each in-person course day, delivered at one of our venues, is made up of theory and practical sessions, covering all aspects of the course. There'll be lots of chances to speak to your tutor, ask questions and work with your peers on the course. 

We ask you to arrive at the course venue at 8.45 am so that you're ready for teaching to start at 9.00 am. There are sessions then throughout the day until approximately 5.00 pm. We sometimes finish teaching slightly earlier, which then allows the course tutor to provide learners with more individualised support.

The Level 4 Nutrition course is predominantly theory-based, so make sure you bring a pen and paper to make notes. There will be practical elements to the course, so on certain days you may need to bring clothing for exercise, once you're booked we will send through further details.


There are a number of different assessments you must complete and pass to gain this qualification. They include:

  • Written Worksheets/knoweldge questions.
  • Online open-book Q+A
  • Practical Assessments - Observed by an assessor
  • Case Studies
    • Nutritional support for an individual with health-based goals.
    • Nutritional support for an individual with performance/sports-based goals.

Your tutor will work with you to teach and support you so that you're ready for assessments. Also if we work on a refer and defer assessment policy. So if you're not quite ready for assessment, we can defer them to a later date. Or if you refer to an assessment, and don't quite do enough to pass, we'll support you afterwards, providing feedback, guidance and additional opportunities for assessment.

Nutrition - Level 4


There are a number of progression opportunities once you've completed this course, how and when you choose to progress is dependent on your personal circumstances.

If you're not already a personal trainer, then completing the level 3 diploma in gym-instructor and personal training course may be the perfect option for how to couple your new knowledge and skill in nutritional support with the planning and delivery of exercise and fitness.

If you're already a PT then the progression might be within in own personal training practice, you may offer additional services or potentially increase prices due to your being able to offer a wider depth and range of services.

If it's another course you'd like to do, maybe our level 4 Strength and Conditioning course could be a great way to provide new skills and knowledge on how to plan for and train athletes to increase performance in a range of sports. 

Entry Requirement

There are no pre-requisites or entry-level courses for this qualification. The course has been designed for:

  • Learners aged 16+ years old.
  • Learners should be able to communicate effectively with individuals and groups.
  • Learners will be able to learn at level 4.
  • Learners should have some experience studying nutrition at levels 2 and/or 3 in the past ideally as part of a personal training qualification or equivalent.


This qualification is made up of five units: 

Nutrition for Physical Activity and Exercise - Level 3

Structure and Functions of the Digestive System - Level 3

Applied Nutrition for Exercise, Sport, and Athletic Performance - Level 4

Supplements, Performance Aids and Hydration for Sports Performance - Level 4

Providing Dietary Advice to Support the Needs of Different Athletes and Sports People - Level 4

Fees & Funding

The price of the courses is £809.00.

We ask for £100.00 non-refundable deposit to confirm your place on the course, this doesn't apply to anyone paying using an advanced learner loan if our employer or another organisation is paying for the course for you.

19+ Advanced Learner Loan - This course is eligible to be fully funded by the advanced learner loan. For further details then please get in touch.

We also offer Envisage payment plans for this course, so you can spread the payments over a 3 or 6 month period.

How to Apply

Click the book now button on this screen.

You'll be taken to a booking details page, enter your information, and choose your payment method.

Payment methods include:

  • Pay for your course
    • £100.00 deposit, then pay the remainder before you start
    • Or pay in full now
  • Envisage Payment Plan
    • Arrange a payment plan with us so that you can spread the payments over 3 months or 6 months. 
  • 19+ Advanced Loan
    • You'll not be charged anything at this stage and a member of our team will contact you to arrange a loan sign-up.
  • Invoice
    • Is your employer or another organisation paying for the course for you? If so, choose invoice and you'll not be charged anything up front, we'll then contact you for further details.

If you have any questions about booking a course with us then please get in touch.

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