Funded Training - Unemployed

Funded Training - Unemployed

We have access to some funding which can be used to support someone who is unemplolyed or economically inactive to pursue a career in the exercise and fitness industry. The funded training contract is called Skills Support for Employement (SSE) and the details are shown below:

Skills Support for Employment

This funding is specifically avialable for the Sheffield City region and supports you to build the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to put you in a better position to find work. We offer a route into the exercise and fitness industry, so if you're passionate about supporting others to meet their health and fitness goals, this funding could be perfect for you. We work with the lead contractor The Growth Company to deliver the training, we work togther to offer a tailored one to one support package, to support your individual needs.  


  • You must be Unemployed (not working and registered with Jobcentre Plus) or Economically Inactive (not working and not claiming benefits)
  • Age; you must be aged over 16 years of age
  • You are not eligible if you are a full time student in education or training (Study Programme for 16-18s or any full time Higher Education student)
  • You are eligible if you are aged 16-18 or 19+ and a part time student (Part-time - studying less than 15 hours at a college, training provider or a University)

Evidence Required

  • We will require your National Insurance Number
  • UK Residence Status; you must evidence that have the legal right to be resident in the UK:
    • UK in-date passport or a birth certificate
    • For EU/EAA citizens – an In-date passport or ID card
    • For non-UK/EU/EEA residents – either an in-date passport (with an endorsement indicating that the named person is allowed to stay indefinitely in the UK or has no time limit on their stay in the UK and the right to recourse/access to funding), an Immigration Status Document, a Biometric Residence Permit, or a certificate of registration or naturalization as a British Citizen
  • UK address; you will need an official document showing your permanent UK address; either an in-date driving licence(full or provisional), an official letter (e.g. NHS or council tax bill) or utility bill with your address (dated within the last 3 months)

Qualifications available

As part of the funding we will discuss the range of qualifications available to you, you can complete one or multiple courses. We will tailor the programme to suit your individual needs. The course/s available are (please click the course title for further details):

We have a proven track record of supporting unemployed people back into work. We take pride in supporting motivated people into a career they love. Get in touch

How to apply and what happens then

Step One

Get in touch with us at, a member of the team will have an intitial chat with you about the funding, your ideas for corses and how you intend to find work. We'll check eligibility and advise on the next step.

Step Two

The sign-up, the Growth Company manages this part of your journey. They will contact you by phone and complete a phone interview, gathering the infromation required to ensure your eligibility and suitable for the programme.

Step Three

Once you're signed up, you'll then come back to us and we'll enrol you onto the relevant course/s, you'll be given course materials and clear details of what training that is going to be completed. 

Step Four

The training, you'll attend a number of days in person training with us. An experienced tutor will take you through arrange of theory and practical sessions aimed at ensuring your competence and confidence. Envisage will support you throughout the journey and ensure you have a postive learning experience.

Step Five

The progression into paid work or further training. We will support you to look for work, offering a variety of opportunities and contacts in the local area, giving you the best chance to gain paid work. We can also support people into becoming self-employed. There will also be the opportunity to gain further training on a higher level, this could be funded yourself or using an advanced learner loan.

How to apply and what happens then

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